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Free to Love: Cinema of the Sexual Revolution

Hot Times (aka My Erotic Fantasies)

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Saturday 1/25
5:00 pm
Ibrahim Theater
$9 General Public
$7 Students & Seniors
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dir. Jim McBride, US, 1974, 35mm, 80 min.

This program contains adult content

Also known as A Hard Day For Archie, Jim McBride’s Hot Times is a farce on teenage male sexual frustration and bad timing, featuring both basketball games and blue balls. Set amidst a culture of sexual liberation and all that it promises, the film follows Archie Anders, a self-proclaimed “all-American guy who just wants to get laid,” on his restless wanderings and missteps through high school and the streets of Manhattan on New Year's Eve. Archie is determined to get his rocks off by the end of the night, after multiple curtailed encounters. Adding to his frustration, Archie shares a bedroom with his sex-hungry older sister, is caught spying in the girls’ locker room, and unwittingly stumbles into a hotel room porn shoot, where he even has a brief opportunity to take part. 

Hot Times had no easy time finding distribution. Altered by its producers to avoid an X-rating in the U.S., its dialogue has been amply bleeped out and replaced with the cartoonish sound of a cuckoo (a fitting complement to the ‘boi-oi-oing’ sound effects marking Archie's arousal), and several shots have been masked. Further cuts were made by British censors and distributors. While the film and its protagonist similarly struggled to find release, we leave it up to you to discover if satisfaction is delivered in the end.

Free to Love: The Cinema of the Sexual Revolution has 
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