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Free to Love: Cinema of the Sexual Revolution

Gift (Venom)

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Saturday 1/18
5:00 pm
Ibrahim Theater
$9 General Public
$7 Students & Seniors
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dir. Knud Leif Thomsen, Denmark, 1966, 35mm, 96 min.

This program contains adult content

In its original version, this film contained snippets of explicit hardcore pornography which gave the authorities fits. A compromise was reached which consisted of placing large white crosses over the offending scenes rather than cutting them out. Debate raged in the media over the issue and, thanks largely to this film, censorship was abolished in Denmark in 1969. The film was intended as a warning against the wave of unbridled hedonism looming on the horizon but ironically helped pave the way for precisely the kind of excesses it preached against. Focusing on a young hedonist named Per who preaches the gospel of the flesh to his new girlfriend and her upper-class family into which he insinuates himself, Gift was actually a heated polemic against pornography. Largely forgotten today, it is an overlooked masterpiece from a moment in time when Denmark was transforming from an isolated backwater on the fringes of Europe into the most liberal society on the face of the earth.

Free to Love: The Cinema of the Sexual Revolution has 
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