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Free Angela and All Political Prisoners

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Tuesday 11/26
7:30 pm
Ibrahim Theater
$10 General Public
$7 Students & Seniors
$5 IHP & Scribe Members
FREE UPenn Students, Staff & Faculty (w/PennID)

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call 215.895.6590. 

dir. Shola Lynch, US/France, 2012, digital, 102 min.

With director Shola Lynch in person

Shola Lynch in Philadelphia is made possible thanks to the generous support of University of Pennsylvania’s Cinema Studies Program and Scribe Video Center.

Free Angela is a gripping historic account of the events that catapulted a young University of California philosophy professor into a controversial political icon in the turbulent late 1960’s.  Angela Davis joins the Communist Party, protests with the Black Panthers, and becomes a principle spokesperson for the burgeoning prison reform movement. As a result, she finds herself fighting to keep her job, and in the national media spotlight characterized by her many detractors as a dangerous subversive menace, and by her supporters as a strong leader challenging authority and boldly advocating for “Power to All People.”