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Family Matinee

Fantastic Journeys: Live Action Shorts from Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2015

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Saturday 11/7
2:00 pm
$5 Adults & Children (Over Age 2)
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The kids in this collection of award-winning films aren’t afraid to strike out on their own, in journeys small and grand. These girls and boys find their own ways through woods and run-down cities, bustling markets and the canals of Venice. Take a walk with them and feel a spark of inspiration as you see the world anew.

Sounds of Nature

(Simon Weber, Switzerland, 7:45 min) Nonverbal.

A boy who likes to play video games discovers that the forest can be just as thrilling. Winner of the CFFS Prize for Most Popular Short Film of the Festival.


(Sitora Takanaev, USA, 5:02 min) In English.

A girl is feeling sad when she finds a new way to bring happiness to herself and others: balloons!

The Dive

(Delphine Le Courtois, France, 9:51 min) Mostly nonverbal, some French with English subtitles.

A boy stands on a high dive, about to step into the unknown. Is he ready to fly?

The Girl and the Gondola

(Abbe Robinson, Italy/UK, 11:42 min) In Italian with English subtitles.

Ten-year-old Carla dreams of following in her father’s footsteps, but 900 years of Venetian tradition is standing her way. Winner of the CFFS Seattle Children's Hospital Jury Prize for Best Live Action Film.

100 Miles

(Tamas Tatai, UK, 7:15 min) Nonverbal.

A boy who likes model trains goes on a trip to bring a special gift to his favorite person, someone who loves trains as much as he does.


(Ga-eun Yoon, South Korea, 20 min) In Korean with English subtitles.

A family is preparing for their grandfather’s ancestral offering but they’ve forgotten sprouts. Young Bory goes out to buy some. This is her first time alone in the city. Winner of the BAMmie Prize for Live Action Short (BAMkids Film Festival 2015).

Total running time: 62 minutes

For ages 7+. Three films have subtitles, though much of the storytelling is nonverbal. One film (The Girl and the Gondola) has a single instance of mild coarse language. In another film (Sprout), a child accidentally takes a few sips of rice wine.