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Exhumed Films presents: WTF X-MAS!

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Tuesday 12/9
7:00 pm
$10 General Public
$8 IHP Members

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Join Exhumed Films for an evening of confounding Christmas craziness, featuring a collection of the most bizarre holiday shorts & cartoons ever made, plus an infamous feature film:



1972 / 35mm / Dir. R. Winer / 97 min.


This movie…what can we say? There are terrible films in the history of Santa cinema—the Mexican SANTA CLAUS, SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS—but nothing comes close to the mind-numbing horror of SANTA AND THE ICE CREAM BUNNY. This movie will make you laugh. Not because it’s amusing, mind you, or even because it’s laughably bad. No, your laughter will be the mirthless cackle of the lunatic as the last of his sanity slips away for good. The “plot” of this sorry excuse for children’s entertainment involves a very sweaty Santa who finds himself stranded on a Florida beach just days before Christmas Eve. When a group of local children fail in their efforts to dislodge Santa’s landlocked sleigh, Santa decides to pass the time by retelling a famous fairy tale (that’s subsequently acted out by your sorta creepy uncle’s community theater troupe). We could go on, but honestly words can’t possibly prepare you for SANTA AND THE ICE CREAM BUNNY. For what it’s worth, Exhumed will be presenting an extremely rare 35mm version of the film which is unavailable on DVD or video in any form. And we don’t mean it has a few minutes of extra footage: it contains an entirely different sequence, as the fairy tale that Santa tells the children is different than the one featured in the VHS & DVD release. So for all you SANTA AND THE ICE CREAM BUNNY purists out there, we have found your holy grail. For everybody else: may God have mercy on your souls.