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Exhumed Films presents a triple feature of SPANISH SHOCKERS!

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Friday 3/14
8:00 pm
$15 General Public
$10 IHP Members

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1973 / 35mm / Dir. Carlos Aured / 73 min.

Forget Lawrence Talbot. Forget David Kessler. Waldemar Daninsky is Exhumed’s favorite wolf man! The inimitable Jacinto Molina—aka Paul Naschy—reprises his most famous role, that of the cursed lycanthrope desperately in search of a cure. CURSE OF THE DEVIL is arguably the best of Naschy’s “El Hombre Lobo” movies; in this installment, a medieval nobleman burns a witch at the stake, only to have her curse his entire family in her dying moments. Centuries later, his descendant Waldemar Daninsky bears the brunt of the curse when he is transformed in to a hairy, howling monster! Full of voluptuous vixens and bloody beasts, CURSE OF THE DEVIL is, as Video Watchdog notes, “…one of the finest Spanish horror films of all time.”

1976 / 35mm / Dir. Jess Franco / 82 min.

Legendary Spanish filmmaker Jesus “Jess” Franco (VENUS IN FURS, DIABOLICAL DR. Z) put his unique spin on many iconic horror characters: Count Dracula, Fu Manchu, even Frankenstein and his monster. Here, Franco takes on the infamous Victorian serial killer, and he couldn’t ask for a better psychopath than everyone’s favorite real life lunatic, Klaus Kinski! In this completely historically inaccurate account, Kinski portrays Dr. Dennis Orloff (a clear homage to Franco’s classic THE AWFUL DOCTOR ORLOFF), a well-respected physician who moonlights as a murdering maniac, taking out his twisted sexual aggressions on London’s ladies of the night. But when a police inspector’s girlfriend agrees to go undercover as a prostitute as part of a sting operation, Orloff’s perverted proclivities may come to light! Also featuring Franco’s muse and real-life partner, the lovely Lina Romay.


1973 / 35mm / Dir. Leon Klimovsky / 85 min.

Argentinian director Leon Klimovsky had a lengthy and diverse cinematic career spanning four decades, but he is perhaps best remembered for his spate of Spanish horror films produced in the 1970s. While he collaborated with Paul Naschy on several movies (including some of the Waldemar Daninsky films and the fantastic apocalyptic nightmare THE PEOPLE WHO OWN THE DARK), the Naschy-free DRACULA SAGA is one of Klimovsky’s oddest and finest works. Count Dracula’s pregnant granddaughter returns to the family castle in order to prepare for the birth of her bouncing baby bloodsucker. She brings along her mortal husband, who soon finds himself in a web of seduction as he is pursued by several of Dracula’s lustful vampire brides. DRACULA SAGA is a truly unique, bizarre, and entertaining twist on the oft-told tale of everybody’s favorite Transylvanian.