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Exhumed Films presents a John Carpenter Sci-Fi Double Feature!

Starman / Escape From New York

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Friday 6/20
8:00 pm
$15 General Public
$10 IHP Members

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STARMAN (30th anniversary screening)

1984 / 35mm / Dir. John Carpenter / 115 min.

Coming off of his gruesome 1982 masterpiece THE THING and 1983’s Stephen King adaptation CHRISTINE, few would have anticipated that John Carpenter’s next movie would be a touching science-fiction romance.  STARMAN is a unique, impressive entry in Carpenter’s oeuvre, and arguably his most underrated film.  An alien being (Jeff Bridges in a stellar performance—no pun intended) is stranded on earth and assumes the form of a deceased human.  The alien then “kidnaps” the dead man’s widow (RAIDERS OF THE LAST ARK’s Karen Allen), and the two begin a cross-country trek in an attempt to escape government agents and get the Starman back to his home planet before it is too late.  STARMAN clearly borrows elements from classic science fiction films like E.T. and THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, but still manages to tell an exciting, funny, and moving tale of its own.

1981 / 35mm / Dir. John Carpenter / 99 min.

So you thought Snake Plissken was dead?  Think again!  Kurt Russell stars in John Carpenter’s beloved apocalyptic sci-fi action adventure as a ruthless renegade who may be America’s only hope!  In the far off future of 1997, the President of the United States (Carpenter favorite Donald Pleasance) has been taken hostage in New York City, which is now a maximum security prison/no man’s land.  It’s up to former convict and special forces operative Snake Plissken (Russell) to infiltrate the wasteland of Manhattan and rescue the president before his top secret cargo falls into the wrong hands.  ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK is a bona fide classic and features one of Carpenter’s all-time best ensemble casts: Russell, Pleasance, Adrienne Barbeau, Ernest Borgnine, Lee Van Cleef, Isaac Hayes, Tom Atkins, Charles Cyphers, and Harry Dean Stanton!