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Exhumed Films presents a Giallo Double Feature!

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Saturday 4/19
8:00 pm
$15 General Public
$10 IHP Members

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1974 / 35mm / Dir. Massimo Dallamano / 96 min.

Underrated cinematographer-turned-director Massimo Dallamano, known for shooting Sergio Leone's FISTFUL OF DOLLARS and FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE, followed-up his giallo classic WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO SOLANGE, with this equally memorable -- and no less brutal -- schoolgirls and vice thriller. When the naked body of a young girl is found hanging in an attic apartment, evidence quickly points to foul play, launching a full investigation into the dead girl's activities.  Procedure soon leads to murdered suspects, a teenage prostitution conspiracy and a mysterious black leather-clad, meat cleaver-wielding killer on a motorcycle!  The giallo meets the poliziotteschi in this sleazy suspense involving gory, stylish murders and thrilling chases! Music by Stelvio (NIGHTMARE CITY) Cipriani.



1972 / 35mm / Dir. Silvio Amadio / 98 min.

What do you get when you cast two of the hottest Euro-babes together in the same movie?   A lurid erotic thriller that really delivers the goods in an "explosion of sexual frenzy"!  The gorgeous Barbara (DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING) Bouchet stars as Greta, a young woman who takes a job as a secretary to an eccentric author (Farley Granger) to investigate the disappearance of a former lover.  Greta soon finds herself involved in a series of twisted sex games involving the author's wife (played by Rosalba Neri of SLAUGHTER HOTEL), home-made pornography, a mentally-challenged he-man, and murder!  It's Euro-sleaze at its best, folks!

*Giallo is an Italian 20th-century genre of literature and film, which in Italian indicates crime fiction and mystery. In English, it refers to a genre similar to the French fantastique genre and includes elements of horror fiction and eroticism.