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Ekstasis: Two Films in Search of Transcendence

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Friday 9/26
7:00 pm
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From the extreme spiritual gatherings of rural Appalachia to a convergence of hippie rock fans in upstate New York, these two films offer portraits of communities seeking different pathways to the ultimate ecstatic human experience.

Holy Ghost People
dir. Peter Adair, US, 1967, 16mm, b/w, 56 min.

Holy Ghost People documents the religious practices of a Pentecostal church in Scrabble Creek, West Virginia. These include snakehandling, speaking in tongues, and drinking strychnine. Despite the extreme nature of the rituals performed in the film, Holy Ghost People presents its subjects with an honesty and humanity that never feels like exploitation.

followed by:
Aquarian Rushes
dir. Jud Yalkut, US, 1969, 16mm, b/w & color, 47 min.

Originally presented as a silent film to accompany an expanded cinema performance, Aquarian Rushes is shown here as a 47-minute explosion of sound, color, and psychedelia. Jud Yalkut, member of the multimedia collective USCO, was asked to document an Aquarian Festival of Art & Music (better known as Woodstock) in 1969. Yalkut uses the then-newly released Sony Portapack along with conventional 16mm film to produce a dizzying survey of one of rock music’s most celebrated “happenings.”