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8th Annual Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Crush the Skull

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Friday 11/13
9:20 pm
$8 General Public
$6 Students & Seniors
$5 IHP Members
FREE IHP Residents (at the box office)

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dir. Viet Nguyen, USA, 80 min

Ollie and Blair, an interracial couple of professional burglars, find themselves having to pull one last job, having fallen into debt after their last job goes comically, horribly awry.

It sounds easy enough - breaking and entering a secluded vacation home in the mountains. But as they explore the house for a solution, it becomes clear that this seemingly beautiful and innocuous home is actually a sadistic torture den: a mind-boggling maze of dead-ends and wrong turns with an unseen killer separating them from one another and stalking them from the shadows. Ollie, Blair, and the rest of the would-be robbers now have to fight for their lives.

A compelling debut feature from Director Viet Nguyen adapted from his YouTube short of the same title, CRUSH THE SKULL will please seasoned Horror fans and newcomers to the genre alike.