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New Middle East Cinema, 2015 | Film Festival

Boys With Broken Ears

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Tuesday 10/27
8:30 pm
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Nima Shayeghi, 2013, 78 min

A coming of age story of a handful of young Iranian wrestlers who dream of becoming the next Olympic champion, yet it is not just the championships they have to wrestle their way through but the realities of their lives!

Boys With Broken Ears is an intimate look at the hopes and struggles of a handful of young Iranian wrestlers as they prepare for the biggest event of their lives; the world championship in Europe. It is a social tale set against the qualms of committing one's life to a dream at a young age. With unprecedented access to the national youth team, the film follows five characters from impoverished background as they journey through the most challenging year of their lives, examining their beliefs and aspirations along the way.

Presenter : Mahyar Entezari (Penn, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations)

The Cinema Studies Program, the Jewish Studies Program, the Middle East Center, and the Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations Department at the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival and International House Philadelphia, present the 2015 edition of NEW MIDDLE EAST CINEMA. Recently released feature films have been selected to represent Middle Eastern societies and cultures through cinema. Each film will be introduced by a presenter with special knowledge of the country, culture, and issues addressed in the film.