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BlackStar Film Festival

Shorts Program 6

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Saturday 8/5
12:00 pm
$12 General Public
$8 Students, Seniors, and BlackStar Members
$6 IHP/Lightbox Members

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United States, 2017, 5 min.
Philadelphia Premiere
Dir. Shaka King
Do you suffer from racial glaucoma? Ask your doctor if Lazercism is right for you.

The Philadelphia Bicycle Vignette Story
United States, 2015, 30 min.
World Premiere
Dir. Bryan Oliver Green
The Philadelphia Bicycle Vignette Story is a series of loosely strung-together surrealistically comical vignettes. It’s a story about a city. A humorous and unique portrayal of Philadelphia’s social climate, specifically in terms of the black experience, racism, poverty, homelessness, the public education system, recession, and the city budget crisis.

Resistance: The Battle of Philadelphia (prologue)
United States, 2017, 5 min.
World Premiere
Dir. M. Asli Dukan
Set in a dystopian, near-future West Philadelphia, this stand-alone prologue to the Resistance web series follows a stealthy hacker’s attempts to dismantle the surveillance tools used by the police to control her community after she learns that two young activists have been tracked down and brutally beaten by riot cops. Inspired by films like Mamoru Oshii’s Avalon (2001), Lizzie Borden’s Born in Flames (1983), Sam Greenlee’s The Spook Who Sat by the Door (1973) and Gillo Pontecorvo’s The Battle of Algiers (1966), the series uses the genre of speculative fiction to tell a historically rich and dramatically complex near-future narrative about the struggle for justice and liberation.

Tales from Shaolin: Part 1: Shaky Dog
United States, 2017, 15 min.
Philadelphia Premiere
Dir. Louis A. Moore
Tales from Shaolin reinterprets the works of the Wu Tang Clan, along with other pop culture influences, into a narrative that reflects the wide-ranging passions of the filmmakers. Part 1 turns a drug stickup gone horribly wrong into a Tarantino-style, John Woo-inspired action film.

Yo Bro!!!
United States, 2017, 35 min.
United States Premiere
Dir. Ronniere Spacely
Ronniere “Space” Spacely is an analog lover, hopeless romantic, and ambitious recording artist. But this description only serves to put him in a box, and no one wants that. Let Space introduce himself to you, on his terms. If you give him a chance to share why he creates, how he feels about relationships, and how dope his new EP (Space in Time) is, you might come to enjoy the guy. There’s only one thing left to say: Yo Bro!