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BlackStar Film Festival

Footprints of Pan-Africanism

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Saturday 8/5
10:00 am
$12 General Public
$8 Students, Seniors, and BlackStar Members
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United States, 2017, 88 min.
Philadelphia Premiere
Dir. Shirikiana Aina
In the 1950s, African Americans from all walks of life followed Kwame Nkrumah’s call to come home to live and work in Africa. It was a call to not only help rebuild the independent country of Ghana, but to also join in the creation of a liberated Pan-African territory. On the day that Ghana’s independence was proclaimed, Nkrumah, who became Ghana’s first president, stated that Ghana’s independence was meaningless unless it was linked to the liberation of the whole of Africa. Intertwining the struggles of the Diaspora and Africa, Footprints of Pan-Africanism honors the powerful bonds that were so crucial to this era. While one country was struggling for equity and the other for independence, both movements were rooted in a determination to reassert their humanity and recover from the impact of slavery and colonialism. 

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Jamaica, 2016, 11 min.
Philadelphia Premiere
Dir. Ephraim Asili
The fourth film in an ongoing series exploring the filmmaker’s relationship to the African diaspora, Kindah was shot in Hudson, New York, and Accompong, Jamaica, where rebel slaves and their descendants fought a protracted war with the British in 1739, leading to the establishment of a treaty that granted Maroons 1,500 acres of land between Trelawny Town and Accompong. Cudjoe, a leader of the Maroons, is said to have united the Maroons in their fight for autonomy under the Kindah Tree—a large, ancient mango tree that is still standing.