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Art Exhibit Opening:

bet you weren’t expecting another show about memory

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Friday 11/6
5:00 pm
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from students at Moore College of Art and Design

Please join us for an Opening Reception with light refreshments on Friday, November 6th from 5pm to 7pm in the East Alcove.

Many of us at Moore are stuck on a question: what is it about memory that compels us to keep making work about it? As badly as we want to get away from such a tired subject, we keep coming back to it, and we're determined to figure out why. We've broken it down into separate elements and approached it from several angles, and we're ready to present our findings. 

What are we even talking about when we say memory? We all have different answers: from influences of upbringing, to anxieties and mistakes, to fragmented thoughts and wounds that change and heal over time. For many of us, the method through which we record the past becomes the process we use to grow and move forward. We've each reflected on the different effects of our pasts, and the work in bet you weren’t… explores the resulting recollections.
Materials range from the traditional to the unconventional. This is a multimedia exhibition encompassing painting, collage, photography, embroidery, sculpture, video, and performance. 


Artists: Gerardine Aldamar, Sara Cocchi, Pamela Foulke, Shannon Jones, Dana Mancini, Katie O'Neill, Sapientia Park, Kait Sanchez, Hannah Surace, Kimberly Torres, Sky Tungpalan, Taylor Weckerly, Maxine Whiteley, Emily Musial and Bonnie Wilson