Arts Against Bullying

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Sunday 9/17
2:00 pm
$100 General Admission
$150-$250 Limited VIP Seating

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FSP Against Bullying presents their annual bullying awareness classical gala ‘ARTS AGAINST BULLYING’.   The afternoon's program will feature arias performed by Opera Soprano Debra Lynn Cotterall, ballet performances by Philadelphia Dance Academy, and a TEDx style presentation from world renowned mix media artists Chris Klapper and her husband Patrick Gallagher - titled 'SYMPHONY IN D MINOR'.



Most folks know we're campaigning to end bullying, but I also want you to know a bit about my backstory.  Shortly after the 2001, September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York I lost my job, along with several colleagues and friends in that tragedy. A few months later my marriage ended and my family was completely torn apart.  I relocated to the Philadelphia area from the suburbs of New Jersey with three children in tow.  My youngest son Trevor was only seven years old at the time and was affected profoundly.  He actually stopped talking and would only utter a few words to his siblings and me.  Unfortunately Trevor's silence made him a target for some very cruel kids and he was horribly bullied in school.  Eventually, we were able to get Trevor connected with a safe school environment.  Although he eventually felt welcomed and protected, that didn't happen before he was severely beaten by a couple kids so badly he ended up in a hospital emergency room.  This is the kind of tragedy where most times the victim doesn’t survive. Fast forward to today.  Trevor is surrounded by lots real friends and support. He found courage, strength and more importantly he found his voice again.  Trevor’s now a college grad and using his voice to help others through our campaign to end bullying, but he admits the emotional scars remain.  In summary, there can only be a happy ending if compassion people like you help us by joining our campaign to end bullying... I can promise I'll be there alongside you!   

Kati ‘Jazz’ Gray-Sadler


Now just imagine that kids like Trevor, future artist, musicians, teachers by the thousands suffer in silence.  It’s tragic that far too many suffer so greatly they end their lives. That’s why FSP Against Bullying joined by thousands of compassionate people committed to ending bullying.  They’re a 501 c 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to support families and individuals (both children and adults) who have been victimized by bullying or abuse by working alongside community based organizations with Anti-Bullying initiatives or campaigns. 

Your support and help in achieving their goals will be highly appreciated by and the kids, adults, and families they support!