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Cityscapes: The Vienna That Never Was


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Wednesday 11/18
7:00 pm
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dir. Götz Spielmann, Austria, 2004, digital, 105 mins. color, German with English subt.

Eva is in her late thirties and has her whole life, from her daily work routine as a nurse to her role as wife and mother, perfectly under control. Then one day she finds Tomasz, doctor and casual out-of-town acquaintance from the past, waiting for her as she gets off her shift. A few passion-filled nights later Tomasz is on his way back to the airport. He takes home with him a few photographs of Eva in compromising positions – frozen moments of intense intimacy in the wake of which nothing will ever be the same.


Sonja, the grocery store checkout girl, is frantically jealous of her husband Marco. And she has every reason to be. A baby, she thinks, could change everything. But can you exact love with a lie?


It's been a while since Nicole divorced the real estate agent Alex, and there's no longer any room for him in her new life as a single mother. His way of dealing with his powerlessness to change the situation follows the same pattern as ever: first ignorance and arrogance, and then hate and violence.


Antares is about lives that intersect at critical moments, skillfully woven into a film about the obsessions of love, the search for closeness, and the hope for happiness. It is about fear, loneliness, and courage. In the constellation of Scorpius, 500 light years away, the variable double star Antares shines bright and red in the sky. Its unique luminosity is at the same time its demise. In the foreseeable future it will explode as a supernova.


“The Vienna that never was, is the greatest city in the world” - Orson Welles

Vienna in the cinema has most often been represented as a fantasy based on the imperial city it was in the era of the ‘fin de siècle’, when traditional social, moral, and artistic values were all in transition. This IHP series will attempt to explore the city of Vienna as a city both real and mythic within the history of cinema.

The series ‘The Vienna That Never Was' will feature works representing the late 19th to the early 21st centuries, from the historical and romanticized images of Vienna to a noir-tinged Cold War narrative, to the present-day artistic experimentations within the avant-garde, to cinematic masterworks, to rediscoveries of old fictions and nonfictions, as well as a rich selection of newsreels, actualités, and home movies.