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Interactive Cultural Workshop for Kids

All Around This World: African Dance and Movement with Adwoa Tacheampong

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Saturday 4/4
2:00 pm
$5 Adults & Children over age 2
Free Children age 2 and under

FOR FILMS AND EVENTS PRESENTED BY IHP, Tickets ARE Also Available From the IHP Box Office, which is normally open Tue-Sat from noon-8pm (or, for events outside of those times, from one hour before until one hour after the scheduled starting time).  
call 215.895.6590. 

Held in the South America Room, 2nd Floor

Introducing "All Around This World" - interactive cultural workshops for families and their curious kids, the first Saturday of each month at 2pm!

International House joins All Around This World, a Philadelphia-based global music and world cultures program for small children, in presenting a monthly series of participatory cultural workshops that will be fun for the whole family. Hosted by All Around This World educators Jay Sand, Emily Bate and Melanie Hsu, each workshop will feature an experienced "culture bearer" from around the world who will invite you and your kids to engage in his or her traditional music or dance; learn samba rhythms or Brazilian capoeria, play a West African djembe or a North African doumbek, chant to tabla "bols." Explore different countries and cultures without having to worry about your toddlers toddling! Each workshop will last approximately 40 minutes and will invite you and even your tiniest kids to sing, dance and clap along. Best for grown-ups and their young kids, infants to 7 years old. 

April's workshop will be led by Adwoa Tacheampong, a vocalist, drummer, dancer & actor who has been performing since the age of 10. She has studied many forms of dance, including Afro-Cuban, Ghanaian, Brazilian & Haitian dance. Adwoa plays several instruments including, but not limited to Batá, surdo, sekere, sakara, agogo, & caixa. Her International House workshop will invite families to sing, dance and move to African rhythms!

For more information, contact Jay Sand:  jay@allaroundthisworld.com, 215-913-2679