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Exhumed Films presents

A Massacre Triple Feature!

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Saturday 6/20
7:30 pm
$20 General Admission
$15 IHP Members

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Dir. Evan Lee / USA / 1977 / 35mm / 85 min.

This oddball horror absurdity can’t decide what exactly it wants to be, so it winds up being a little bit of everything in hopes of attracting an audience: Hammer Films fan? There’s a Christopher Lee wraparound! Like extreme, LAST HOUSE-style killings? We’ve got those too! Hey, that EXORCIST movie is pretty popular, right? Well, our film has a vengeful invisible demon! Yes, MEATCLEAVER MASSACRE has it all…except, paradoxically, meatcleavers. The plot concerns a foursome of sadistic students who decide to terrorize their hated college professor and his family. But it’s the teacher who has the last laugh when he summons a demonic force to exact his vengeance! 

Dir. Stu Segall / USA / 1977 / 35mm / 74 min.

A psychotic serial killer is on the loose and murdering patrons at a California drive-in. It’s up to two local police detectives to get to the bottom of the murders and discover the identity of the samurai sword wielding wacko! This low-budget affair is notable in that it was written by the great character actor George “Buck” Flower (ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THEY LIVE), who also appears in an uncredited role. 

Dir. Jack Weis / USA / 1978 / 35mm / 97 min.

In this sleazy pseudo-remake of Herschel Gordon Lewis’s BLOOD FEAST, an Aztec priest is stalking the streets of New Orleans, murdering prostitutes as a sacrifice to the ancient death goddess, Coatl. This film was distressing enough to find itself on the infamous “Video Nasty” of movies banned in the UK during the 1980s. Gruesome and gratuitous, MARDI GRAS MASSACRE is full of the elements one looks for in a good horror/exploitation film: masked killers, amateurish acting, lots of nudity, and excessive gore & violence. If you need a good excuse to take a shower, MARDI GRAS MASSACRE should do the trick.