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Swarthmore College & The Cinema Studies Program at the University of Pennsylvania present

A Filmmaker Visit: Xiaolu Guo

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Monday 9/22
7:00 pm

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Introduction and Q&A by Xiaolu Guo

Xiaolu Guo is a prolific and provocative member of China’s “sixth generation” of film directors and a distinctive voice in Chinese and English contemporary literature. Based in London, Guo has published ten books, including A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers and the new novel I Am China. In her fiction and her documentary and feature films, Guo explores themes of alienation, memory, and translation, and develops her own vision of China’s past and its future in a global environment. Her films have shown widely at festivals including Locarno (where She, A Chinese won the top prize), Toronto, and New Directors/New Films. She will also lecture on September 23 at Swarthmore College (email filmandmedia@swarthmore.edu for details).

UFO In Her Eyes
dir. Xiaolu Gou, 2011, Germany, digi-beta, Mandarin w/ English subtitles, color, b/w, 110 min.

Adapted from Guo’s own novel, her most recent feature UFO In Her Eyes is a satirical political allegory exploring the effects of rapid globalization in post-Maoist China. The film tracks the phantasmagoric transformation of a small Chinese village after an alleged UFO sighting by a peasant woman (Shi Ke) and a visit from a mysterious stranger (Udo Kier). Inspired by Soviet cinema, Guo dedicated this film to Mikhail Kalatozov’s Soy Cuba (1964). The movie was produced by Fatih Akin and the Somali-Canadian musician Mocky composed the score.