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4th Annual Blackstar Film Festival

Shorts: Stakes is High

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Thursday 7/30
1:50 pm
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Rude awakenings pave the way for introspective reflections in this collection of shorts that focus on the stories of Black boys and men as they navigate through difficult choices. A star high school basketball player’s fractured relationship with his father unfolds in a film-within-a-film; young men’s fortunes are tried as they confront their responsibilities to the loved ones in their lives; a boy’s hopes are crushed when he learns that simply walking down the street can be more than he bargained for.

Films include: Breaking In; The Devil Goes Down; Dice; Take 5; Tonsure; and The Youth.

Breaking In

directed by: Adepero Oduye
Short Narrative. United States, 2015, 5 min.
One quiet afternoon in Sunset Park, another black boy gets broken in.

The Devil Goes Down

directed by: Nicholas Julius
Short Narrative. United States, 2013, 10 min.

The Devil challenges a young man to a game of basketball. The stakes? The contents of the Devil’s bag versus the young man’s soul.



directed by: Viraj Nayar
Short Narrative. United States, 2014, 17 min.

Jamill, a street-smart youth from North Philly, lives day-to-day with the odds against him. Unable to break into the professional world, Jamill tries to get by with whatever work he can get. When fate suddenly gives him the break he’s been looking for in the form of a winning lottery ticket, he learns firsthand that life is indeed a gamble.


Take 5

directed by: Jasmine Callis
Short Narrative. United States, 23 min.

Take 5 follows college filmmaker Ashley and her crew as they document the life of high-school basketball star, Marcus Fulton, Jr. during his senior year at Englewood High. As the film crew records his journey to become a professional athlete, Ashley, can’t resist exposing the conflict between Marcus and his father. Determined to make revolve her film around Marcus and his father’s relationship, she uncovers a secret about Marcus that could jeopardize his basketball career and his relationship with his family.


directed by: Fred Bumaye
Short Narrative. United States, 2014, 18 min.

Between heists of a mysterious, high-value product, a young girl and her uncle hunt down the man responsible for the death of a beloved family member.

The Youth

directed by: Dehanza Rogers
Short Narrative. United States, 2015, 15 min.

Said graduated from university two years ago with big ideas. He was going to do things—change the world. Instead, he’s frustrated that his life is going nowhere until an old friend offers him an opportunity to make a difference.