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4th Annual Blackstar Film Festival

Shorts: XOXO

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Sunday 8/2
12:50 pm
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Betrayal, hope, disappointment, expectation, hesitation, growth: all themes that bubble to the surface of these short films that focus on love. A free spirited young woman’s plans are jammed when she falls in love with the object of her heist, a couple faces the demise of their relationship after a game of Would You Rather gets painfully honest, a young musician finds growth in her heartbreak, and serendipity brings two people together against mounting odds.


Films include: Only For Forever; Runaway; Sara & Dennis; Tap Shoes & Violins; Vow of Silence; and Your Love.

Only For Forever

directed by: Nia Imani
Short Narrative. United States, 2015, 15 min.

Marlee, a hipster thief who desperately needs money to get out of the city, snatches a lonely model’s purse.But instead of running with the money, Marlee finds that her victim, Nora, is her soul mate. Now she must decide if love overcomes all obstacles, and if it is enough for forever.


directed by: Milton Wallker IV
Short Narrative. United States, 2014, 8 min.

A intimate proposal is quickly cut short as the couple is forced to deal with the hesitancy of the moment.

Sara & Dennis

directed by: Shahin Izadi
Short Narrative. United States, 2014, 12 min.
A couple confronts their differences through a seemingly innocent game of ‘would you rather?’

Tap Shoes & Violins

directed by: Dax Brooks
Short Narrative. United States, 2014, 19 min.

Both Charlie and Scott often feel out of place, but during a brief encounter at their favorite coffee shop they both feel as if they might have just met someone special. But neither asks for the other’s phone number and part ways wishing they could go back in time. When Charlie’s best friend Madison meets Scott in her own pursuit to date a nice guy, Scott and Charlie’s lives intertwine once again. Are they destined to finally meet or will the complexities of love cause each of them to give up all together?


Vow of Silence

directed by: Be Steadwell
Experimental. United States, 2014, 27 min.

Jade, a heartbroken composer, takes a vow of silence to win back the heart of Isis, her true love. In her struggle to reconnect with Isis, she meets Jaxson — an outgoing musician. Through music, magic and silence Jade finds her voice in the place she least expects.


Your Love

directed by: Laila Petrone
Short Narrative. United States, 2014, 8 min.

In a world where young couples have a hard time juggling family, career and temptation, YOUR LOVE explores a day in the life of James, a young artist, married with children.