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4th Annual Blackstar Film Festival

Shorts: Alternate Reality

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Saturday 8/1
4:40 pm
$12 General Public
$8 Students & Seniors
$6 IHP Members
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Comedy enables a biting critique of social and political phenomena while taking the edge off of reality. Creative and funny, these shorts imagine a series of alternative realities. A time traveling B-Boy finds himself in the antebellum south in the company of a runaway enslaved man, stereotypes abound as three friends interact with the gentrification of their neighborhood, and your Black Card can be revoked by a commission that places your Blackness under close scrutiny.


Films include: The Adventures of Jamel; BlackCard; and Mulignans.

The Adventures of Jamel

directed by: Jayson Musson
Short Narrative. United States, 2015, 20 min.

The Adventures of Jamel: The Time Travelling B-Boy tells the story of a janitor at the Illuminati headquarters who is accidentally sent back in time to the antebellum South. In each successive episode, he’s transported to different eras in the history of Western civilization, where he unsuccessfully attempts to solve major historical problems using his breakdancing skills and “the power of hip hop.”


directed by: Pete Chatmon
Short Narrative. United States, 2015, 14 min.

It would be just another day for Leonard, except that the Commission, a shadow organization tasked with keeping members up to snuff on their “blackness”, is hot on his trail for his latest infraction. An afternoon with the love of his life, Lona, goes off course as a missing ID card escalates into questions of loyalty, life, and love.



directed by: Shaka King
Short Narrative. United States, 2014, 6 min.

An insightful, amusing and colorful look at Italian stereotypes.