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4th Annual Blackstar Film Festival

Shorts: Pushing the Limit

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Friday 7/31
5:25 pm
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To explore spirituality and social justice, these experimental films defy expectations and test the limits of conventional storytelling by stretching beyond any proscribed limits. These shorts offer commentary in through provocative forms and structure. The Montgomery Bus Boycott, religious institutions and their spiritual practices, the works of Octavia Butler, and the presence of Black women in the US military during World War II are all up for reexamination.

Films include: Bus Nut; An Ecstatic Experience; KILO | Iba se 99.; and Swimming in Your Skin Again.

Bus Nut

directed by: Akosua Adoma Owusu
Experimental. United States, 2014, 7 min.

Bus Nut re-articulates the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott, a political and social protest against US racial segregation on the public transit system in Montgomery, Alabama and its relationship to an educational video on school bus safety from that era.


An Ecstatic Experience

directed by: JaTovia Gary
Experimental. United States, 2015, 6 min.

to be beside oneself.


KILO | Iba se 99.

directed by: Tiona McClodden
Experimental. United States, 2015, 9 min.

KILO| Iba se 99 takes its inspiration from an excerpt of a report produced by the Women’s Bureau Division of the United States Department of Labor titled Negro Women War Workers, published in 1945. The film explores the relationship between the US Navy flag signal Kilo which has the assigned message of ” I wish to communicate with you”, the first 12 Black women allowed to work on the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1942, and the Orisha Ochosi.


Swimming In Your Skin Again

directed by: Terence Nance

Experimental. United States, 2015, 23 min.

A film about motherhood, banality, Miami, the water, the divine feminine, and singing in church in a way that calls forth your own adulthood.